Dustlok Filter

Prevent or reduce suffering from allergies and asthma by reducing the irritants in your air. Allows you to maintain healthier lungs.
High efficiency of filter saves you money on electrical bills and allows quicker cooling and heating of your home.
Good air flow reduces maintenance, repair, and replacement costs of your A/C unit and ducts.
Custom-sized to fit your A/C filter grill.
Disposable and inexpensive.
Destroys and prevents growth of a broad range of molds, fungi, and bacteria on the filter.

with good filtration and airflow!

A/C filters are supposed to filter out particles like dust, pollen, bacteria, etc., but when the filter itself is very dense, it will restrict the airflow; thus, causing the unit to take longer to cool or heat the house.

Poor airflow will also cause your electricity bill to increase. Your A/C compressor and blower will have to work a lot harder. This could cause your unit to freeze up or break down more often.

This will cost you more money to maintain and/or replace broken parts. The worst part about poor airflow when the A/C unit works hard, but the cold air does not circulate in the house. This results in extra condensation and moisture in the A/C unit, which in turn will grow mold, mildew, and bacteria. All of this growth will then be blown into the air you breathe, which may be one source of health and allergy problems.


Importance of Controlling the Environment

Controlling your environment is a prevention step which most allergy doctors recommend. Cleaning the air you breathe should be the first thing you do to control your environment.


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