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Acar-Housses Pillow & Mattress Encasing

We are proud to introduce and distribute dust mites encasings from Acar-Housses, a popular European brand name since 1992.  All mattress, pillow and duvet encasings are manufactured in FRANCE with world leading technology, and are of high quality European standard as well as ISO-9002 approved.

Material Name: STRETCH (Unless Noted Otherwise)

Material Composition:

  • External side : 100% polyester.

  • Internal   side : 100% microporus polyurethane coating.

Mattress Encasing

Size (inch)

9" 12" 15"


Twin 39x75 $84.95 $89.95 $94.95 $99.95
Long Twin 39x80 $109.95 $114.95    
Full  54x75 $104.95 $109.95 $114.95 $119.95
Queen 60x80 $119.95 $124.95 $129.95 $134.95
King 78x80 $134.95 $139.95 $145.95 $149.95
California King 73x84 $134.95 $144.95    

Pillow Encasing

Size (inch)  

Standard 21x27 $19.95      
Queen 21x31 $20.95      
King  21x37 $24.95      
Euro-Std 26x26 $24.95      
Duvet - Comforter          
  Queen 88 x 86 $124.95      
  King 102 x 86 $149.95      

Why use dust mites encasing:

  • 70% to 80% of people who suffer from allergies are sensitive to dust mites as well.
  • Dust mites are microscopic, insect-like animals, that are present in your house.  They live mainly in mattresses, pillows and duvets.  They eat the skin shed by humans. It appreciates humid and warm places to live.
  • Dust mite excrement is the main component that has been known to cause allergies.  These particles are allergenic even after the death of the dust mites.
  • Dust mites encasings for pillows, mattresses and duvets are considered the most efficient protection against dust mites.

How it works:

The dust mites encasing is a mechanical barrier against dust mites. The barrier is made of a double layered fabric, which is a high-tech textile.

The first layer closest to the mattress is polyurethane (PU) ; it is micro porous and breathable.  This layer of PU prevents all contact of dust with the person. The PU layer is breathable; thus, comfort is increased and the risk of moisture in the mattress is avoided.

The second layer is 100% polyester, which gives increased strength and comfort to this product.

Main product advantages:

  • The special impermeable seams no dust or allergens may go through the “droit fills and seams!!
  • We sew a piece of linen underneath the zipper of each item. This piece of linen creates a zigzag pattern which prevents the dust from going through the zipper.
  • The high quality of the coated fabric is durable and breathable, and allows for better filtration capacity against dust and dust mites.
  • Three year warranty on each finished product according to maintenance instructions.
  • High quality manufacturing all products come from production plants which are ISO-9002 approved.

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