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  1. Do you have all different sizes?
  2. Is this filter permanent?
  3. How long can I use one filter?
  4. Is it electrostatic?
  5. Will it cure my allergies ...?
  6. Can I buy this type of filter at a store...?
  7. How many filters should I buy each time...?
  8. Where is the filter made?
  9. Why should I invest in the Best Home A/C Filter as there are cheaper ones?


Do you have all different sizes?

This filter is custom cut to fit your home A/C air return grill of 32"x30"x1", 24" X 48" X1", or smaller.

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Is this filter permanent?

No.  It is a disposable type.  The problem with permanent filters is you have to wash them.  After a while, you will not be able to clean some of them any more, and air flow will become restricted and will cause many other problems as we mentioned before.

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How long can I use one filter?

It depends on how much dust has been collected on the filter.  Many circumstances contribute to how much dust has been collected.  Some examples are: how often/long the A/C has been on, how many people have been in the house, and how many activities have been going on. Generally, you can use it for two to three months, or until you see a discoloration of the white filter.

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Is it electrostatic?

It does have some electrostatic effect, but we do not claim so because electrostaticity does not work under all circumstances.  Electrostaticity takes air flow to create a charge, and in areas with high humidity it is hard to create a charge.  Because the A/C unit is not on all the time, there will be no charge in the filter and the dust may come loose.  This will cause the dust to recycle back into the air when the A/C is on again before it is charged up.  Ask your A/C repair man for an opinion about this type of filter.

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Will it cure my allergies or asthma?

Cleaning the air you breathe is a prevention step. Controlling the environment is the first step to dealing with allergies. Getting rid of allergy symptoms depends on your level of resistance to allergens. If our products can decrease the presence of allergens in your house below your resistance threshold, then your allergies will go away. In some rare cases, our products are not able to decrease the presence of allergens enough. This is when you will need to see an allergy doctor to increase your allergen resistance level via medicine or immunization. In most cases, our products alone will help. Some customers see immediate and complete results. The best way to combat allergies is to use both our products and the doctor's treatments.

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Can I buy this filter (Dustlok) at a store like Home Depot?

Not at this time.  This type of filter is only sold through an authorized dealer and/or retailer.

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How many filters should I buy each time I order?

There is a minimum order requirement of 6 filters per size or per air return.  For mail orders, we encourage you to buy a minimum of 12 filters to cut down your shipping and handling costs.

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Where is this filter made?

This filter is manufactured in the U.S.   It was specifically designed for high efficiency performance. It is commonly used in commercial buildings and hospitals.

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Why should I invest in the Best Home A/C Filter as there are cheaper ones?

Because the cheaper filters are not efficient, and will cost you more in the long run, whether it be A/C repair costs or potential health problems.  A 3 1/2 ton A/C unit with this type of filter can pull through about 1,000 cubic feet of air per minute.   It is the most efficient way to clean the air in your house.


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